Don’t Let Old Man Winter Sneak Up on You

Cooler weather will be here faster than you think (and, no, I don’t mean 90 degrees). It’s a good idea to check out some potential problems on the outside of your home before our unpredictable forecast kicks off. Here are three weather-related repairs you may need:

1) Roofs get the worst of your weather. Shingles get more brittle as they age and a strong wind can rip one off. If you notice a weather-broken shingle the roof may be nearing the end of its life.

2) Now let’s talk about the fascia and soffit sections of the roof—commonly known as the overhang. Improper flashing or a leak can really ruin the wood, and eventually it will rot.

3) Water-damaged railings and balusters: Treads tend to rot quickly because water can collect on flat surfaces. When that happens wooden balusters can soak up the water, which will eventually cause them to rot from the ground up. That can be dangerous for anyone leaning on your railing.

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