Limit Your Liability: Clean Out The Bats In Your Belfry For Halloween!

Halloween is one of my family’s favorite holidays! We love to take the kids trick-or-treating and, since they’re three, we get most of their candy. But with all of those cute kiddos our property, we have a list of things we do to keep things safe and limit our liability.

Leave the Porch Light

You may also want to install additional lights in the front yard to avoid someone tripping over something.

Keep Walkways and Your Front Yard Clear

Move bikes, garden hoses, potted plants and skateboards away from areas that are likely to be walked on by groups of people.  Decorative items and Jack-O-Lanterns should also be positioned at a safe distance from crowds to prevent people from knocking them down.

Keep Your Pets Somewhere Safe

Fido or Kitty need to be properly confined in a safe place on Halloween when there will be many visitors and trick-or-treaters coming and leaving. The new sights and sounds may scare them and that can lead to aggressive or unexpected behavior.

Practice Outdoor Fire Safety

Whenever possible, use votive candles or battery-operated lights instead of a candle in your Jack-O-Lantern.  Also, don’t overload electrical outlets with too many lights for creepy special effects. I’m all for haunted houses (our neighbor has a haunted front entryway), but don’t risk having a fire.

This isn’t meant to scare you but to keep you and your neighborhood goblins protected. Have fun and look for pictures later this week from our Halloween night!!


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